New EHF headquarters under construction


At the end of 2022 the EHF and Raiffeisen Property Holding International (RPHI) announced plans to build the new ‘European Handball House’ in Vienna.

The new headquarters for the federation will be in the central Neu Marx area in Vienna's third district. Construction began in the first quarter of 2023. The official opening is scheduled for 14 December 2024as of when the ‘European Handball House’ will be the the new home for more than 80 employees of the EHF and its subsidiary, EHF Marketing GmbH.

"Since its foundation in 1992, the EHF has been residing in Vienna, making it the only international team sports federation based in Austria," said EHF President Michael Wiederer. "With the new building, the EHF is once again underlining its close and long-term commitment to the city and the country."

With several meeting rooms including a lecture hall of more than 250 square metres and a TV studio, the new headquarter offers optimal conditions for the successful further development of European handball. The ‘European Handball House’ will not only be a workplace, but also a meeting location for the European handball family as well as the venue for draws, international handball conferences and congresses.

The topic of sustainability was widely considered in the planning, with a photovoltaic system of 240 square metres being installed on the roof. The building is constructed with thermal component activation, which will have a positive effect on the indoor climate all year round.

"With the 'European Handball House', we are creating a place for the future-oriented development of European handball with its more than 350 clubs and top competitions such as the EHF EUROs and the EHF Champions League," said EHF Secretary General Martin Hausleitner.


In close coordination with legal experts and tax advisors, the European Handball Federation opted for organising its properties in form of a separate company which is fully owned by the EHF. Based on the agreement with the company building the new house, the handling procedure will be steered via the EHF Services & Infrastructure GmbH (EHF SI). In a first step, SI serves to build the new house. After moving into the new office space, the EHF SI will run the new office building and thus accommodate the European Handball Federation and EHF Marketing GmbH.