In October 2023 some 42 goalkeepers, experts, coaches and players gathered in Vienna for the inaugural EHF Goalkeeper Summit.

The summit aimed to look at key topics in goalkeeping, such as how goalkeeping has changed through the years, what happens to the brain of a goalkeeper the more they train, and why mental preparation is so critical.

Speakers included Mats Olsson, World Championship gold medallist with Sweden and current goalkeeping coach of the Norwegian women’s national team, and renowned sports psychologist Prof. Dr. Sc. Renata Baric.

Olsson’s talk delved into goalkeepers’ physical preparation, while fellow Swede Claes Hellgren gave a detailed explanation of the development of goalkeeper techniques.

The event received positive feedback from the attendees. Pedro Vieira, assistant coach and goalkeeper coach for Swiss club Kadetten Schaffhausen, said: "The event is rich, innovative, something you cannot lose. You have the top speakers here. We go not only for talks on training itself, but also the psychology and physical conditioning, covering so many different areas for goalkeepers.

"We heard new things, new ideas, new tendencies, the game is changing and the people here are perfect for teaching us how it is changing and how to respond to this.”

Baric said it was important for goalkeepers and their coaches to continue to learn, and events like the Goalkeeper Summit were the ideal forum to gather and share ideas.

"In a top sport everyone’s reached a certain level of technical preparation of equipment, everything is already high-level and if you want to be really successful then you should focus on the small details and everything that can help you to take advantage in something small step is important. You can find some new resource of knowledge or experience from your colleagues," Baric said.