The Men’s EHF EURO 2024 campaign slogan ‘Here to play’ is the core message of the championship which is played in January 2024. Used on social media and highlighted on several occasion in the lead-up to the tournament, its aim is to show that the handball community comes together with the same energy, will, and dedication, even though we all come from different places and speak different languages.

The campaign slogan will be seen in social media and highlighted throughout the tournament.


A core part of ‘Here to play’ is the competition’s manifesto, launched in September.

The manifesto reads: “We all speak different languages. But we all laugh the same. We fight, we cheer, we grieve, we try. Maybe for different reasons but always with the same energy. It’s not our heritage that makes us different. It’s how much we are willing to give. Our ambitions. Our will. Our dedication. We might come from different places. But we come for the same reason. We are here to play.”

Fans were encouraged to get involved by recording their own versions of the manifesto to be in the chance of winning a signed jersey or ball.


The Men’s EHF EURO 2024 has a number of high-profile ambassadors on board to promote the campaign message and the tournament.

They include handball legends Stefan Kretzschmar, Uwe Gensheimer, Johannes Bitter, Luc Abalo, Victor Tomas, Emily Bölk and Dominik Klein, Swedish football player Fridolina Rolfö, comedian Bülent Ceylan and 2019 world and 2022 European decathlon champion Niklas Kaul.

The ambassadors represent each of the six host cities and will help promote the tournament.

Official song

The official song also harks back to the ‘Here to play’ campaign message. ‘Here to celebrate’ will be sung by German reggae and hip-hop/rap band Culcha Candela, whose four members - Mateo, Chino, Johnny Strange and Don Cali – will also be ambassadors for the preliminary round in Berlin.

"Berlin is our home, we are real Berlin city boys. The city has shaped us and this is where we get our inspiration," says the band, adding: "Handball is a hard but at the same time fair sport that is fresh and creates a good atmosphere and has a base in Berlin, just like our music.”

‘Here to celebrate’ is a new edition of the world-famous and popular classic song 'Celebration' which will be reinterpreted by Culcha Candela to then be heard in the six arenas of the EHF EURO. The song was released on 27 October and was heard live for the first time in Munich in early November.